School Connect App

Digital revolution has impacted each and every aspect of our lives. Right from ordering food, to electronics to laundry services, everything is now available at a click. In such scenario schools, colleges and institutes can’t stay behind as it is the place where our future workforce, live and study.Traditionally all the information related to the school/class is given to parents thru school diaries. Lot of times, students fail to show it to their parents, or parents see it after a particular event is finished. There is also a demand from parents for regular updates about their wards regarding the performance in various exams, events and sports. For school it gets tough to give in writing all these to individual parents and so automation is necessity for them.

Features Of School Connect App

School Connect is useful for
  • Pre-primary schools
  • Coaching classes
  • Full-fledgedK12 schools
  • Multi location group of schools