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Book your appointment with doctor from anywhere, anytime!

Patients at time find it very difficult to get an appointment with Doctor and it tests the patience of the patient!! ConsultQ App does it for you.

Using ConsultQ, patient could join the queue from his/her home & keep live track of the queue progress. With app notifications giving live status of the queue, he/she can manage to reach "Just-in time" for his/ her appointment. ConsultQ offers live interaction with doctors be a chat and file sharing feature built-in. A very user friendly and intuitive design makes it easy to use.

About Us 2

Key Features

  • Hassle-free appointment booking
  • Live status & alerts of queue
  • Easy Appointment reschedule & cancellation.
  • Family member appointment booking
  • View appointment history.
  • Chat between doctors and patients
  • File sharing and exchange or records
  • Live Video Chat (coming soon)