Virtual data room (VDR) and Enterprise file share and sync (EFSS) are the most commonly used buzzwords when it comes to sharing of sensitive data between different offices, companies, or countries. Companies uses FTP/SFTP,which is very cumbersome for users and it provides no track to users about the receipt of data. There few specific products available today, but most of them are complex with lot of parameters to check/uncheck when the only requirement a user has is to share file. This is a big turnoff for most of the users and hence users are reluctant to use these solutions and prefer unsecure consumer solutions like Dropbox or Wetransfer. Thus, there is always a demand for simple solution which share/sync file and still maintain thedata security and integrity.Spiderdocs perfectly fill in this space by offering a secure yet, simple to use VDR/EFSS application.

Features Of SpiderDocs

Industries that will benefit using SpiderDocs
  • Banking, Financial services and Insurance
  • Healthcare
  • Corporate with distributed branch offices
  • Auto manufacturing and auto Ancillaries companies
  • Pharmaceutical companies
  • Export focus companies