Our core philosophy is to excel in areas that we specialise and be de facto vendor for all software development projects for our customers.

Meet the team

Sameer Vitkar

Co-founder & CEO

Sameer brings with him 17+ years of sales and marketing experience with exposure to global customers. He learned actual working of big MNCs like Monster.com and also understood the challenges of startup companies during his last tenure at Vaultize. Exoon Mobil, TATA group, RPG Group, and many more top 500 global customers in his list, Sameer have a unique blend of technical understanding and reputation for development great partnerships with customers. At Xceed he handles the Sales and Marketing division and since he joined has propelled Xceed to exponential growth. His hobbies include wandering in the wild, and keeping him fit and healthy.

Our Associates

Vidyasagar Poddar (Vidy)

Blockchain expert

Ketaki Tankhiwale

Senior Web Developer

Shilpa Joshi

Senior Software Developer

Nikhil Hole

Mobile App Developer